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Sixth Annual VUS-TESOL Conference (24-07-2011)

On July 23rd, 2011, the Vietnam-USA Society English Training Center held its sixth VUS-TESOL Conference at the City Commission Hall. With the theme of "New Perspectives in ELT for the New Decade and Beyond", the conference attracted the interest and participation of nearly 2,000 English teachers across the country.

Most Anticipated Event in the English Teaching Community in 2011
Starting in the early morning, many teachers were present at the City Commission Hall to partake in the VUS-TESOL conference. Ms. Nguyen Ai Nhi Dang, a lecturer at Can Tho University, said she had to get up at one o'clock in the morning to catch a bus to Ho Chi Minh City for the conference. She is one of the teachers from various regions throughout the country- such as Hanoi, the central region, the Central Highlands and the Mekong Delta- to travel long distances to participate in the Sixth VUS-TESOL Conference.

DSC_0148 DSC_0155

The conference was chaired by keynote speaker Professor David Nunan - Vice President for Academic Affairs at Anaheim University in California, Emeritus Professor at the University of Hong Kong, Professor of Education at the University of New South Wales, Senior Academic Advisor to the Global English Corporation in San Francisco, and author of more than 100 books and popular articles. In addition, the Sixth VUS-TESOL Conference also had the presence of Professor Grant Trew, Dr. Lan Walkinshaw, Dr. Farnsworth Mimothy, and more. Their highly applicable presentations warmed up the hall and made the attendees very happy and satisfied.


Professor David Nunan gave an hour-long presentation entitled "Teaching English to Children: Problems, Perspectives and Solutions".  Thanks to his friendly and easygoing character, Professor David Nunan communicated openly with teachers about new teaching perspectives that could help them meet the needs of students and solutions to make children in English classes more lively and attentive.

DSC_0063 DSC_0281

In addition to the presentation of Professor David Nunan, there were many other helpful presentations like Native-Speakerness vs. Pedagogical Expertise: Which Do EFL Students Value More Highly? (by Dr. Lan Walkinshaw), Technology in the Classroom: All the Fun, None of the Fear (by Education Professor Grant Trew), Making It Fun for Young Learners to Learn Grammar (by Master Nguyen Thi Anh Dao), TOEFL, TOEIC and IELTS (by Bruce Rogers) and more.

DSC_0232 DSC_0362

During the break, Ms. Nguyen Dang Ai Nhi happily said: "Thanks to the VUS-TESOL conferences, my students and students in the Mekong Delta have the opportunity to access the innovative knowledge of the advanced education in the world." Andrew Adamski, lecturer at RMIT University HCMC said: "New ideas from the speakers do help me discover the most appropriate and interesting teaching methods for teaching English."

DSC_0268 DSC_0297

VUS-TESOL conferences – a forum of new ideas

VUS-TESOL conferences came into existence as a result of the appreciation of the importance in building a team of professional, dedicated and experienced teachers for the Vietnam-USA Society English Training Center. In Vietnam, the Vietnam-USA Society English Training Center is the first to organize the TESOL Conference TESOL annually at an international level. To date, the VUS-TESOL Conference has become an influential forum with extensive assistance for teachers across the country to have access to new ideas in teaching.

Hinh_1_R VUS_OK

Mr. Pham Tan Nghia, President and CEO of the Vietnam-USA Society English Training Center, master of the idea of ​​organizing the annual VUS-TESOL Conference, said: "The world is always changing so we constantly need to make new changes. In education, teachers need to help create a better future generation. Thus, through activities such as this TESOL conference, VUS desires to provide teachers nationwide with access to the latest directions in the field of teaching English.  This will stimulate creativity and improve teaching methods to develop an advanced teacher community in Vietnam, thus helping to change society for the better."

The conference also welcomed the presence of Mr. Do Quoc Anh, Department Head, Director of the Representative Office of the Ministry of Education and Training in the South. He said: "This is a very significant event which contributes to realistic changes and improvement to teaching methods in schools. Thanks to the close relationship between VUS and the Ministry of Education and Training in sharing the social responsibility in education and training. I suggest VUS continue to expand this program to bring more benefits to the community."

In addition to attending for free and receiving a certificate issued by the VUS-TESOL Conference, teachers also had the opportunity to receive two teacher training scholarships, US$1,000 each, from Pearson Longman, and 10 online teacher training scholarships, US$119 each, from Cengage, together with many useful teaching resources.

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